About your Headshot Session


Come dressed to impress or casual and enjoy your in studio headshot session. Have fun and enjoy the photo at shoot 7614 Berry Wood circle Huntersville NC. You'll leave knowing your Headshot and Portrait needs have been met.



Your edited shots will be made available via DropBox or Email..You will be able to give the password or link to anyone who might help you choose the shots you decide to use. Also you can order a CD copy of your headshots for $25.00



Once the images are edited, you will receive a high quality product that will leave you amazed. For quality control purposes we prefer to have all our work handled by our retouching team. We don't release high resolution unedited images directly to our clients unless you elect to purchase a full buyout of your entire session for $500. In doing so you can have your images retouched by yourself or another professional.



Prints can be purchased and are priced depending on size and amount of items purchased.



Feel free to bring a range of different options for clothing.  Come dressed to impress and have fun  but foremost feel comfortable in it. And something that expresses who you are.


We suggest you bring a range of different colors and necklines. If you have any doubt about whether something will work or not just bring it along. try everything from t-shirts, tank tops to sweaters and light jackets to jacket and tie.

Jewelery keep it simple and not over sized it will take away from your headshot. Studs or small earrings work and simple necklaces,




Women's makeup:


Makeup for the session is highly recommended for all women. The cost is $250 for makeup for the session and includes hair help.


Feel free to bring your own makeup but we do have a restroom and mirror area.

Women's hair:

We ask that everyone come in with their hair ready the way you would like to present yourself.  We want your hair in your pictures to be as close as possible to the way you look on a fantastic hair day. Of course our makeup artist is there to make sure it’s shoot ready and we will discuss what you’d like to do with it and make a game plan for the shoot.




We don't recommend makeup on men, but our makeup artist can provide light grooming on the shoot for $200 if you like. All our work is retouched afterwards, so any blemishes will be taken care of during that process.


Facial Hair:

If you’d like to shoot with facial hair we’d be happy for you to come in with whatever level of growth you’d like and can shave or trim it down once we’ve gotten it covered. Bring whatever grooming products you’ll need with you to get it done.




We are available for shooting Monday - Saturday and we usually begin our sessions around 9am. We are allow flexibility, so we ask people to be a bit flexible with us. Allow time for makeup for the women and can take up to an hour, We ask that you don't have anything else scheduled close to the end of your session in case we feel we need a little more time with you.


A non-refundable deposit of ½ the session fee is required to book a session. The fee is due at your convenience after you've chosen a shoot date and gotten it booked on our schedule, if  we have not received it at least one week prior to your scheduled session, the session will be granted to someone on our waiting list, so please get it to us as soon as you can.


We accept cash, checks, as well as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The remaining balance plus any sales tax is due the day of the session.


We work with freelance makeup artists and you will be paying them directly, they require cash on the day of the shoot.


All deposit checks can be made payable to: Ron Carter Photography and mailed to our Charlotte studio address: 7614 Berrywood Circle Huntersville nc 28078. (704) 885-4501




What to expect from your headshot session at Ron Carter Photography (704) 885-4501